Who We Want

We are looking for film-makers with:

  •  Talent
  •  Commitment
  •  An ability to collaborate with enthusiasm

(Go to this link to upload an application http://www.thescreenartsinstitute.com/contact-apply/)

Our programmes are open to all.  You don’t need any previous qualifications, degrees or even industry experience.   Raw talent and commitment are what we care about.

Our admissions team will assess your work and successful applicants will be interviewed (in person or by phone/Skype) before an offer of a place is made.

We do not have Application Deadlines but most places are offered between March and September and places are limited – so please don’t hesitate.  (With the Programme Director’s approval, you can join Courses at any time of the year.)

You must contact us at the link below, and upload pdf files of:

1.  A logline and one-page pitch of the major project that you think you’d like to develop while on our programme. (600 words max.  Use Courier 12pt)

2.  An example of your screenwriting (any length but it must be a piece of fiction).  And, If you are a director/producer – an example of a completed film/TV project (vimeo link or similar).

3.   An analysis of a scene from a film that you have found particularly powerful, with an emphasis on analyzing how the film-makers have achieved this power.  At the same time, we would like you to offer suggestions on how, perhaps, the scene could be improved. (400 words max.)

4.   A CV of your educational background and all relevant professional experience.

Unless you are receiving a full bursary, successful applicants must place a non-refundable deposit of 20% of their full fee in advance in order to secure their place (places are limited)

Apply now

If you have read all our materials and still have questions (but please DO make sure you have read our pages thoroughly!)

email us, at  stephen.may@thescreenartsinstitute.com:

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